A Curriculum filled Day of Science

Including solving our crime at the Cathedral

Friday the 9th of February is SCHOOL’S DAY

Each year the Suffolk Science Festival team will be providing a day of science for local school children to come and take part for no charge.  This year this is for one day and we have 150 Primary School Children coming along for a day of science activities and this event is “Free” to access.

All you will need to do is to transport your children to the Cathedral in Bury St. Edmunds and we will provide a Science Experience that will include topics hard to recreate in school.  This is suitable for Year 4, 5 and 6 children and is an addition to the curriculum covered in class.

The day will begin at 9.15am which is the registration time and begins with a science show and then there will be a round of activities and that can be accomplished within the day which will end at 2.30pm.  A time will be set aside for lunch and we would like the children to bring drinks and a packed lunch to for the day.

Register your interest to be included in this event.  If you are unsuccessful this year then do contact us to be on next year’s list as there will be three school’s days next year at the Festival.  A maximum of 30 children per school and four adults.  It is suggested that is one coach and there will be a drop off point but no parking for the coach.

Some of the activities included will be:

  • Mark Thompson’s Science Roadshow
  • Solve the Crime and discover the villain by learning how we all have unique fingerprints and learn how to dust for prints, and gather the evidence.  (part of our Forensics Roadshow).
  • Let’s see how human lungs work and make our own model.  (part of our “bodily Functions Roadshow).
  • Let’s examine and talk about “poo” and discover how is it produced and where does it come from. (part of our Habitats Roadshow)
  • Separation and discovering substances and we look into how we can split some substances. (part of our Chemistry roadshow).

All of these will be adapted for the age group each school brings and so matching the curriculum requirements and delivered in a fun and packed full of information and increasing knowledge.

Contact: schools@kineticscience.co.uk  If you are not successful this year we will put you on the school list for 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Suffolk Science Festival brought to you by the Kinetic Science Foundation

Kinetic is a Science Outreach group and an interactive STEM Centre.

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