Our Supporters and Sponsors for 2019

Huge thanks also go to Rolls RoyceTreatt and West Suffolk Councillors for supporting this event.

Special thanks must go to: Daniel @ Moyses HallNick @ The Apex and Mercy @ St Edmundsbury Cathedral.


Kinetic Science Foundation is an educational charity that takes Science to a wider audience through Outreach, Festivals and Fairs and with the opening of our Interactive STEM centre in central Suffolk.  Science Festivals bring the community together to celebrate and take part in Scientific activities and these play an important part in the culture of Science and is a way of encouraging engagement with all things Science!

Our Suffolk Science Festival has been created to bring families together to explore science and to increase all Knowledge on the subject in a fun and interesting way.

Each year our festival will have an overall theme.  Our Theme for 2018 is Astronomy and the public will be invited to visit several venues within the town centre of Bury St. Edmunds to follow a “Planet Trail” where each venue will be hiding a planet and will also have a group of exhibitors with science activities.

The Suffolk Science Festival will have costs to produce this annual event and this will include to co-ordinate, manage, market, and deliver an inspirational programme of events to schools and the public. The cost of an average Science Festival is £70,000 and we rely on the support from funding authorities, trusts and corporate sponsorship and public donations to allow us to take science to a varied and large audience and to cover all of the costs of the event and to be able to provide an outstanding visitor experience.

How to Support Us

If you agree to be a Suffolk Science Festival Supporter, your organisation will demonstrate a commitment to science education and community development, by:

  • Raise your profile within a community and public environment
  • Build relationships with members of the public
  • Support local communities
  • Motivate and inspire members of the public to get involved with your organisation
  • Provide a motivational experience for your staff
  • Provide career inspiration for members of the public and showing career paths
  • Raise awareness of the research and work that your organisation delivers
  • Engage with new audiences

This is achieved through a choice of the following packages:

Gold Sponsor Package – £10,000

  • Marketing display in the form of banners and display boards at the Exhibitor Venues.
  • Logo on pages of the website
  • Logo in the event programme
  • Mentioned in publicity material – at least two newspapers and hopefully Radio.
  • Listed on the ‘Sponsor’ page of the website
  • The Festival team will talk and appear on the Radio and the sponsors will be mentioned as having helped the project.
  • Sponsors will be invited to a launch party just before the beginning of the Festival.
  • A Display can be chosen by each sponsor and this will become the sponsor’s feature ie The Physics Roadshow could be sponsored by BT and so the display will notify the public of who has sponsored the exhibit or a guest speaker to be sponsored and to show this has reduced the ticket price for the public.

Silver Sponsor Package – £5,000

  • Marketing display in the form of banners and display boards at the Exhibitor Venues.
  • Logo on pages of the website
  • Logo in the event programme
  • Sponsors will be invited to a launch party just before the beginning of the Festival.
  • Mentioned in publicity material – at least one newspaper.

Bronze: Other opportunities

  • Please get in touch if there is one particular item you wish to sponsor or if you have an idea that you would like to create and financially support.
  • Other Festivals offer the opportunity to allow sponsors to guest talk at the event and so this may be something that the Sponsor may wish to do.
Your support will help us keep the festival accessible to as many people as possible, through a diverse programme of free and low-cost events to suit all ages and interests. Every year, over 80% of our events will be free.  Our team will happily tailor a bespoke sponsorship package to suit your organisation’s budget and objectives. To discuss this further then do call us or email at kineticscience@gmail.com 


If you would like to exhibit at our event then do please contact us and we will welcome you and your activity.  If you have something that has good audience participation then we would love to hear from you.   Can’t make those dates  –  let us work your stall or activity for you!


How amazing would it be to help with our Charity and help us on the day.  Maybe you are a STEM ambassador.  Maybe you love science that you wish to share this with a public audience.

There are many roles on the days, including helping with marketing, crowd control, venue management and also helping out on stalls that we are running or helping our exhibitors.

Please do get in touch, even if you can just spare a couple of hours, your help will invaluable to us.